Trichloroacetic Acid Solution is additive free  are ideal for reducing acne scars, rejuvenate skin, obliterate age spots, smooth wrinkles, lift unwanted freckles, smooth stretch marks.  


Chemical peels can be beneficial for most skin types including sensitive skin. Chemical peels not only treat problem prone skin, but they can also be preventative as well. The normal rate of skin cell turnover is between 21-28 days. Depending on the amount of damage in our skin, this rate tends to slow down dramatically usually starting in our late 20's.


By receiving treatments this will help to increase this cellular turnover to stimulate healthy cell growth while exfoliating dead cells. Prevention for the skin will only be effective if proper skincare products are used along with proper sun protection.



What should I expect during the chemical peel procedure?

  The solution is applied for 5 minutes or less, and anesthesia is not necessary. Most patients tolerate the procedure easily, reporting a mild stinging sensation and warmness to the skin. To ensure maximum patient comfort I have a mini fan for you to use during the treatment. 

What should I expect after the chemical peel procedure?

After the prescribed time, the chemicals will be neutralized, and a therapeutic moisturizer and sunscreen will be applied. With this peel you will appear sunburned in the days following the procedure.


Results may be maintained with at-home products, or monthly or yearly follow-up procedures, depending on the depth of your peel.


You may experience swelling, redness, and peeling in the weeks after treatment. The results from deep chemical peels may last for many years.


                            Lighter, more Superficial Peels                           


For lighter more superficail peels that don't require downtime I carry Skin Scripts RX and PCA Peels.


Skin Scripts RX 20% Lactic Peel, it hydrates, exfoliates and softens the skin.

Skin Scripts RX 30% Glycolic Peel, treats mild acne and softens the skin.

Skin Scripts RX 10% TCA Peel, treats Melasma, Sun Damaged skin. 


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Sarah Niemi L.E.

Arizona Licensed Esthetician


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